Raha Ansari

Raha Ansari is a studio based in Den Haag, designing and crafting wearable adornments, for Fashion products and accessories. The initial inspiration starts from arts and crafts and the process starts with experimentation, aiming to find new techniques of creating aesthetics and new materials. The final outcome is inspired from different costumes and cultures, in how adornments in different cultures display dominance, power, status or beauty in Wo/Man with a focus on artisanal ways of production, craft and natural potential and integrity of material. Founded by Raha Ansari in 2015, Raha Ansari was born and raised in Tabriz, Iran. She moved to London to study and graduated with distinction in Masters Computer Animation from University of Westminster London. After few years working as a digital designer and freelance 3D modeller, she followed her passion in Fashion Product Design. She was trained in the Netherlands and London (in Design Academy Eindhoven, University of Arts London and ARTez, Arnhem) before opening her studio in The Hague.

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