KANE Watches

KANE Watches are inspired by the minimalist movement in Tokyo and designed in the heart of Amsterdam. Much like the movement in Japan, we focus on what is truly important in our watch designs - because sometimes less is just more. The name KANE is derived from the Japanese word “kaizen” meaning improvement. And improvement is what we went for with our watches. Fashion doesn’t have to be impractical or expensive. It should be free and creative – a dynamic extension of your personality. All at a price that doesn’t break the bank. This in mind we created a collection of timeless yet contemporary watches that represent the perfect combination of fashion and functionality. Whether smart or casual, our range of interchangeable straps makes it easy to adapt your watch to your personal style. Our clean and simple design gives our timepieces the versatility you want from a style staple and makes KANE Watches a true essential for every modern gentleman. Clean. Simple. Essential. This is KANE.